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AND AD-4322 Electronic Industrial Scale Indicators

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Full-featured electronic scale indicators with 1/20,000 displayed resolution, 100 memories and optional internal printer. Huge inventory and fast shipping worldwide.

AND-4322 Electronic Industrial Scale Indicators
Price: $1079

AD-4322-08 Built-in Printer, Add $385
AD-4322-09 Digital Clock for AD-4322-08, Add $135
AD-4322-01 Parallel BCD Output, Add $315
AD-4322-01A BCD Output TTL Level (Board Module), Add $380
AD-4322-02 Comparator/Control I/Q, Add $142
AD-4322-04 Serial Interface (RS-232C), Add $230
AD-4322-07 Analog Output (4~20mA), Add $238
AD-4322-10 Panel Mount Kit, Add $123
AD-4322-11 Wall Mount Kit, Add $56
WP:PP129-28A AD-4322-08 Roll Paper (5 Rolls), Add $26

Shipping Weight: 10 lbs

Performance & functions for a fast, complete weighing system

The AND Weighing AD-4322 MKII weighing indicator offers a wide range of advanced functions. A high display resolution of 1/20000, memory +, -, ID Code and many other functions make the AD-4322 the ideal choice for Bench, Floor, Check weighing and Weigh-In/Out Systems.

  • Legal for Trade NTEP Approval
  • High 1/20,000 resolutions, 16 times per second sampling speed
  • 10-key Keypad for easy tare value entry
  • 100 code Memory Information Blocks that contain Tare, Comparator Limits, Running Code Total Weight and Number of Weighing Events for each seperate coded item
  • 50 Tare Weights can be stored in memory by ID number
  • Full Digital Calibration makes zero and span calibration a simple task
  • Digital Linearization Function to compensate for non-linearity of load cells
  • Convertible between pounds and kilograms
  • Watchdog™ Circuitry monitors the CPU and automatically resets the unit for normal operation if a software crash develops
  • Completely screened from RFI for operation in environments high in electrical noise.
  • Truck scale mode with memories
  • Comparator mode with memories
  • Two year warranty
Analog Input and A/D Conversion
Input Sensitivity 0.6µ V/D or greater (d-"min division" or "graduation")
ZERO Adjustment Range -6mV to +30mV
Load Cell Excitation 12V DC ± 5% 280mA (up to 8 load cells at 350 ohm/load cell
ZERO Temperature Coefficient ± (0.2 µ V + 0.0008% of dead load) / °C
Span Temperature Coeffiicient 8ppm / °C of reading
Non-Linearity ±0.01% of full scale
Input Noise ± 0.3µ Vp-p
Input Impedance 10M ohms minimum
A/D Conversion Method 3 phase, true integrating dual-slope type
A/D Resolution 330,000 counts maximum
A/D Conversion Rate

Approximately 16 times/second (63m sec/conversion)

Power 100, 117, 220, 240V AC +10% - 15% 50/60Hz
Net Weight Approximately 3.5 kg / 7.8 lbs
Operating Temperature -10°C - 40°C (14°F - 104°F)
Storage Temperature -15°C - 85 °C (-5°F - 185°F)
Maximum Humidity 85% (non-condensing)
Physical Dimensions 12.2 W x 5.9 D x 7.6 H inches (310 W x 149 D x 192 H mm)
Memory Battery Backup Lithium, over 6 years without AC power


Weight Display High intensity 7 digits, 13 mm (h) blue fluorescent
Tare Display High intensity 8 digit, 11 mm (h) blue fluorescent
Display Resolution 20,000 counts (max)
Minimum Division Times 1, x2, x5, x10, x20, x50
Maximum Display "999950"
Under ZERO Indication "-" minus sign
"ZERO" Annunciator Center of ZERO (0 ± 0.25D)
"MD" Annunciator Motion detection
"GROSS" Annunciator GROSS mode
"NET" Annunciator NET mode
"TARE" Annunciator Tare is currently displayed
"UNDER" Annunciator Weight value is under set lower limit
"OVER" Annunciator Weight value is over set upper limit
"lb" Annunciator Pounds displayed (lb or kg version)
"kg" Annunciator Kilograms displayed
"t" Annunciator Tonne displayed (kg or t version)
STANDBY/OPERATE Key Activates display and functions
ZERO key ZEROs the display when stable
TARE key Tare when stable -- in NET mode, display ZERO
GROSS/NET key Changes from "GROSS" to "NET" and vice versa
PRINT key Prints, or sends print command to printer via current loop, AD-4322-01 or AD-4322-04 printer
CODE key Records CODE information
ID/TARE key "STORE" mode: stores TARE weight into memory
"RECALL" mode: recalls stored TARE weight from memory
CLEAR key CLEARs the stored TARE or CODE info
ENTER key ENTERs the display/moves to next level
M+ key Adds displayed weight to memory
M- key Subtracts displayed weight from memory
TOTAL key Display the TOTAL weight in memory
FEED key Paper feed (optional built-in Printer, AD-4322-08)




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